You Say You Want A Husband, But Have You Married Yourself Yet?


You Say You Want A Husband, But Have You Married Yourself Yet?

Understand they may be hesitant, so assure them you want their insight, and then when they give it, take it and thank them.

ME Vow #3: I Love ME


“I promise to fall more and more in love with myself every day for the rest of my life, and demand that same love from everyone else in my life.”

More than like, more than self esteem and self confidence, loving yourself is an unwavering commitment to knowing yourself, accepting yourself, living your fullest expression, and attracting into your life only people and situations that support all of the above. By taking this vow you are saying no to apologizing, sacrificing, playing small, beating yourself up or letting yourself participate in any relationship, thought, belief, or activity that doesn't fully 100% honor the beauty, power and sacredness of your soul. Some people, including the dictionary, say loving yourself is selfish and narcissistic. Baloney! If you don’t love ME how can you expect anyone else to give you the unconditional love you deserve?

Vows Into Action: Start or deepen a life-long love affair with yourself. Become your best friend, love all of you, and make your happiness a priority. Get zany, yet practical ideas by downloading the free Madly in Love with ME Kit at

ME Vow #4: I Trust ME

“I promise to listen to my intuition, to believe that it’s real, and to learn to trust its guidance more and more everyday.”

Inside of you is a very wise soul who always knows what's best. It always tells the truth, even when you don’t like it and it’s name is “intuition.” It’s that sixth sense, a gut feeling, a vision, even a voice inside your head. When you listen, good stuff happens, and when you don’t, pain and suffering ensure. So why would you turn a deaf ear? Sometimes we don’t like what our intuition has to say. Other times we discount it as irrational. And other times, we can’t hear it because our voices of fear – also know as gremlins – are way stronger, so we get confused. Your job is to build an intimate relationship with your intuition by making your intuition muscles stronger than your gremlin muscles. That means listening and acting on what your intuition has to say, starting today.

Vows Into Action: Start exercising your intuition. Start small by noticing signs, when you feel, see, hear or sense something that may not seem rational but feels right. Act on the information it gives you and see what happens.

ME Vow #5: I Honor ME

I promise that I will never, ever, ever, settle for less than my heart and soul desire.

Taking and keeping this vow will change your life. If you believe that you never have to settle, you never will. Society has conditioned you to believe the opposite so it’s your job to find out what your heart and soul really want, and then promise yourself that you won’t settle for less. People may tell you that it’s impossible, or that it’s selfish, but that is because those people are settling in their lives. There is nothing selfish about your heart and soul’s desires. Live them. Honor and respect yourself so deeply that everything in your life reflects that same deep honor and respect.

Vows Into Action: Every preceding vow supports this last vow, so do yourself a favor and literally take all 5 vows together. Rewrite them in your own words. Say them aloud. Dance them to music, whatever feels like you are actually making the commitment. Get zany and conduct your very own ME ceremony.

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