Stop Sabotaging Your Love Life!


heart grenade
3 ways to put your inner critic to rest and finally feel the love you deserve.

2. Tune into your inner wisdom. Now that your inner mean girl has had her say, close your eyes, and take a deep breath and ask your wise self, your inner wisdom, what it knows about your love life. Put your hand on your heart and listen. You'll be surprised at how calm and safe you feel — because from this place you can already see how much love you have. Say what it tells you out loud , and write it down so in moments of fear you can remember the truth.

3. Stop comparing your relationship status to other people. Comparison is the number toxic habit your iner mean girl uses to push you into fear and crazy talk. Give up comparison right now, and next time your inner mean girl starts comparing your relationship or lack of to others, stop and say, "My relationship status is perfect for me!" Would You Date Yourself?


Ready to get your inner mean girl (or guy) out of your love life?

Join this free call on September 24th ... My friends @Amy Grant Ahlers and @Christine Arylo are masters at reforming Inner Mean Girls and Inner Mean Dudes! And they are sharing their secrets this Saturday 9/24 on this free call: 3 Super Power Secrets to How to Stop Being So Hard On Yourself and Start Feeling Happy, Successful and Loved Now!

I’ll be there … see you there!

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