Could YOU Be Blocking Love From Your Life?


Could YOU Be Blocking Love From Your Life?
5 Ways To Increase Your Love Quotient - Your Capacity for Receiving Love

If you are really ready to receive more love in your life then watch this video



  • Why YOU have the power - regardless of who your current love mate is or is not - to INCREASE THE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE BY INCREASING YOUR LOVE QUOTIENT,
  • Why you protect your heart and push love away,
  • and 3 ways - fun ways - you can increasing your capacity to love right now.
  • Plus I'll show you what a pea-sized & full-sized love quotient looks like so you can measure yours.

We all build walls of protection – you, me, your sisters, friends, mother – because we’ve all been hurt. Our beautiful, loving, open hearts have at one time or another been tromped on, broken or betrayed and so our normal, and probably necessary action at the time, was to build walls, force fields, layers of protection around our hearts… resulting in the miniature, shrunken love quotients most of us walk around with. But there comes a time in each of our lives, when, if we truly want to experience love to the capacity we all yearn for deep inside, that we have to be willing to melt away the force fields, take down the walls, and slowly step forward to reveal ourselves, our hearts, our vulnerabilities, and our innocence to others…

opening up ourselves to RECEIVE more love,

which in turn allows us to FEEL more loved,

which then allows us to GIVE more love,

resulting in love quotients that grow to be as wide and vast and deep as the Grand Canyon.

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To learn more about my story -- so you can see you are so NOT alone in this crazy thing we do to push love away -- and get even more ways to increase you love quotient, read below.

The Truth About Why Smart Women Push Love Away
When I first met my now husband Noah, who I affectionately refer to as “Walking Love” for his great ability to give love fully and freely, my love quotient – my capacity for receiving love -- was the size of a pea. Which meant that although I had finally manifested a man into my life that could offer the love that I had yearned for in other relationships, I was unable to let all the love in. At times, he and his love were so much to take in, that my stunted capacity to receive love would become completely overloaded.

Sure, I could allow bursts of love in – hand holding, PDAs (public displays of affection), and his unconditional kindness and consideration felt so good to my love-starved heart. But there would always come a point where the love Noah gave reached a threshold that was way too much for me to receive and my internal system went haywire.

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