5 Ways to Fix A Man


5 Ways to Fix A Man

You can inspire your mate, you cannot fix him.

5. Date his reality, not his potential. Just because you can see your guy’s potential, promise or possibility does not mean he can or wants to, or that he has the ambition to ever be the great person you see in him. Your guy will tell you who he is by his actions and his words, believe him when he does.


In my book, Choosing ME before WE, I ask you to take the vow of self-honesty with yourself. Here is it, I invite you to take it and keep it:

“I vow to always be honest with ME, to never hide from the truth, no matter what. I commit to unwavering, uncompromising truth about myself and every person in my life.”

When you are honest with your most important partner, yourself, every other partnership automatically falls in line, and your guy will fix himself, saving you (and him) from having to take on another project.

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