5 Rules For Having a Holiday YOU Love


5 Rules For Having a Holiday YOU Love
Make sure to follow these rules to enjoy the holiday more from your heart!

3. Express Yourself, without Apology
If you don’t like the way things are going – like the plans your family is making or the way the holidays have created stress in the past – speak up. Know what you believe and don’t be afraid to express it. Happy people have convictions that come from inside their souls, minds and hearts and are willing to share them, even if their words make others uncomfortable. Again, come from love, say your peace and create inner peace inside. The same goes for how you decide to celebrate. Don’t be traditional for tradition sake, be yourself. Want a Christmas wreath instead of a tree? Prefer Chinese food instead of a turkey? Celebrate Solstice instead of Christmas, but love to light candles at Chanukah? Like sending New Year’s cards vs holiday cards? Love plaid pants. Tradition isn’t always better, and it doesn't always make you happy. Love yourself enough to express the way you choose to interpret the holidays.

4. Pay Attention To Your Emotions


We all have emotional triggers and the holidays sure do stir them up. When a situation arises that makes you anxious, mad or sad, take care of yourself. Have your emotion and ask yourself, “What do I need to take care of me right now?” Listen to what your body, mind or spirit tell you and take action, in the most loving and peaceful way you can.

5. Take a Comparison Diet
Comparison is a total joy kill – which includes comparing yourself to someone else, or to who you think you should be. Put yourself on a Comparison Diet over the holidays. Whenever you notice you’re comparing yourself, stop, close your eyes, take a breath and change the channel in your head to happy love thoughts. Say something nice about yourself. Express gratitude. Or if you’re really daring, tell the person you’re comparing yourself to how they inspire you.

Christine Arylo, m.b.a., writer, speaker and teacher, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches people how to put their most important partnership first, the one with themselves, so that they can create the love and life their hearts and souls crave. The popular author of the go-to guide on love & romantic relationships, Choosing ME before WE www.mebeforewe.com, and the self-love handbook, Madly in Love with ME, coming out this fall Arylo is affectionately known as the “Queen of Self-Love.” She founded the international day of self-love (Feb 13), which includes events in over 31 countries every year. Check out her free Self-Love Kit at www.ChooseSelfLove.com

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