How Money Can Be The Root Of Evil In A Marriage


How Money Can Be The Root Of Evil In A Marriage
Money is a very sensitive topic when it comes to relationships!

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! This is usually the problem for persons with partners who are shopaholics they buy and buy and buy. This becomes a very problematic situation when this particular partner does not know how to prioritize the financial needs in the marriage. Instead of giving his or her share for the monthly bills, this person goes out and buys a designer set of clothes that he or she saw on television.

Prioritization is the main goal here. You must let your overspending partner realize that there are more important things to take care of than buying and shopping for items.


Who Makes More Money

This topic is an age old problem for couples. And this is more prevalent in marriage wherein the woman makes more money than the man and the former tries to take control of the relationship with her financial prowess. Of course as a man, with thousands of years of developed pride he is unlikely to want to take this lying down. Sooner or later he will retaliate and when that happens, the love relationship becomes a bad relationship.

But whatever kind of problems relating to your marriage and money can be solved by communicating with each other. Do not let your negative emotions get the best of you. Learn how to listen and learn how to compromise.

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