3 Easy Ways To Eliminate The Hurtful Thoughts Of Being Cheated On


3 Easy Ways To Eliminate The Hurtful Thoughts Of Being Cheated On
Tips for getting through the emotions of Infidelity!


The thought that your partner has cheated on you can really be very difficult to swallow. And even if you think you can manage to swallow it you would only be fooling yourself. Some people by doing this think they can move on with their lives if they surpress all the negative emotions and get them self to believe it never happened. You can try to fool yourself but you can't truly fool your heart. For as long as can't accept the fact that it actually happened, you will feel the pain and the hurt over and over again. But how can you accept such a thing did actually happen when all it gives you is anguish.


To be able to accept, you need to embrace the pain and acknowledge its existence. Contemplate on the things that have happened and concentrate on what you want to happen in your relationship. Think of the future and see how bright it is. The hurt may not go away instantly, but gradually it will lessen day after day. Time is a great healer as they say and is so true if it is what you want and are willing to focus on that.

Face the Cause of Pain

So who gave you such feelings of hurt? It was your partner wasn't it? Even if you have given him or her a second chance you may still have that feeling of anger towards your partner. Anger because of what he or she did. And while your partner is there, you will constantly be reminded again and again of what happened which would trigger again those painful feelings.

What you need to do is to communicate with your partner and truthfully tell him or her that you are in pain. Tell your partner all the things that you are feeling, pain, anger, grief and tell him or her everything. And be willing to ask for his or help through this painful time. Ask your partner to help you remove all your negative thoughts and feelings. After infidelity if your partner really wants to rebuild your relationship and is truly sorry for what happened they will do everything in his or her power to aid you through this period.

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