3 Ways Kristen Stewart Can Make A Comeback


3 Ways Kristen Stewart Can Make A Comeback [EXPERT]
Kristen's career and relationship might not be over yet.

Everyone makes mistakes at one time or another, but what happens afterward is crucial to getting your life back on track. In Kristen's situation, she had millions of people emotionally invested in her romance with Rob Pattinson and since the scandal broke, she has been pretty quiet.  I don't really think this is a good thing for her. Help! My Temper Is Damaging My Relationships

Here are the three things Kristen can do to get her career and life back on track as well as reconnect with her followers:


1. Admit she made a mistake. Yes, Kristen has admitted to a "momentary indiscretion," but that’' not quite the same as saying “I was an idiot and I should have never cheated on Rob, and I should have never gotten involved with a married man.' Using the words momentary indiscretion, seems selfish and she is not addressing Rob's feelings, or the fact that there was also a wife and children involved in her momentary indiscretion.  

Kristen does mentions the people close to her and she affected, but her words seem to have a removed quality to them, more removed than mentioning the words wife and children.There are fewer people who cheat than those that are cheated on, and what she needs to do to reconnect with most people is to make some type of statement relating to the feelings of the people that she hurt.

2.  Sincerely apologize. Publicly, she hasn't said much other than that small tweet she released immediately after her affair was made public. When people are hurt, especially people close to you, they want to hear to hear "I'm sorry I hurt you," and they usually want to hear it more than once. 

3. Not hide from the public. Kristen seems to kind of gone into hiding since all of this news broke. I'm sure she's hurting and probably not up to doing many interviews, but it would probably help her public image tremendously if she came out of hiding and talked about how she's feeling. It would help people connect with her better if they could see she's hurting and sincerely apologetic.

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