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Waterproof (And Tearproof) Beauty Products


Don't let the rain or a bad breakup leave you with melting makeup!

Today I was inspired by the cold and drizzly weather here in Southern California. I used to think that a nasty rainy day, or a bout of tear filled heartache meant that I was limited to waterproof mascara, and some lip gloss....but not anymore! Although waterproof makeup is usually thought of as a summer staple, I find that I have incorporated it into my makeup arsenal for all seasons. An bad breakup, allergy attack, sad movie, or blistery Spring day have nothing on me now. Below I have put together some of my favorite waterproof makeup products that can be used intermittently, or as a permanent addition to your makeup routine.

For rainy days, I usually stick with my new favorite Stila Waterproof smudgesticks, some Tarte 12 hour blush, my Hourglass Waterproof Bronzer for warmth, and a good waterproof concealer (Lancome has one of the best).

Makeup Artist Tips: During bad weather (or teary eyed days), I tend to use a light hand with powder, and foundation. When the wind is torturing your face, excess makeup will simply smear right off. Stick to a good tinted moisturizer, and a waterproof concealer. And when all else fails...sunglasses will cover those watery eyes!

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