4 Quick Ways To Pamper Yourself


How to turn your shower into your own personal beauty oasis.
  • Body Wash And Exfoliation: Combine the two! Mix half of your favorite body wash, and a thick-grained body exfoliator together to get the benefit of both. Use a loofah, or natural sponge to apply. Fresh makes an amazing exfoliator.
  • Self-Tanner: Immediately after your shower, mix two pumps of tanner in with your lotion. It will dilute the tanner, making it free of streaks, and give a boost of color to your normal lotion. This also prevents the dreaded self-tanner smell.
  •  Extra Moisturizer: Add a few drops of baby oil, olive oil or almond oil into your shaving cream. This will provide additional comfort to your shave, and make your legs ridiculously soft. 10 Steps To Smooth, Sexy Skin

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