Sometimes, we must surrender to the death of something old and the birth of something new

My dear sweet beautiful amazing sassy soul sister; your truth is true for you because it is yours and no one else’s. You need no approval, no permission, no forgiveness… except from yourself.

You need only to surrender to your truth. You need only to release what needs releasing—a thought, a relationship,a belief, a job, a —it is different for every one of us. You need to know that death, destruction, break-down, this is part of life. It is a part that we fight with all our strength because we’re taught to be afraid.

As Good Girls we’re taught to be afraid of the dark, the shadow parts of life. Instead, we must re-learn that these are NATURAL, normal cycles and they cannot be stopped.

This time of year may be full of sadness, dark, slowing down, taking inventory. It’s OK. I ask you to honor your emotions, your thoughts, the dreams that come to you now. Surrender to the sadness. Surrender to the shadow. Surrender to the death of that which needs to be reborn.

What are you ready to release before 2012? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Christina Dunbar

"Helping Good Girls claim their bad-a$@ visions"

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