Are You Waiting To Be Picked?


Are You Waiting To Be Picked?
How one mental shift can attract the man, life, and career you desire.

Do you approach your life with a “waiting to be picked” outlook?
Let me explain (and by “explain” I mean--story time!)

I was doing some inner work that was really about deepening into my worth and the “sweet spot” of my biz. I was all blissed-out visioning the direction of my brand and biz in the next 5 years and getting super clear on the self-expression + service combo that is the “sweet spot” of success for me (more on that in another blog post). This inner work involved taking inventory of my Goddess-given-gifts and how they could serve more fully, which led me to think about one of my most beloved gifts-- my acting (a passion that I dropped and will actually be bringing back into my life and combining into my biz, so excited, you’ll see what I mean in the next 6 months). This led me to thinking about my days as an actress and what blocked me from success. Here’s the truth: I can rock it in acting. But what I can clearly see now is the common actor pitfall that held me back. It was the mentality of “waiting to be picked.” As an actor, you audition, you perform, and then you wait to hear back. You wait to see if you’ll be picked. And this mentality of “waiting to be picked” lowers your vibration. It lowers your expectations. And it allows you to take all that amazing power you have… and give it away. It allows you to give your power to a source “out there” versus wielding your power from “in here.” The world of Hollywood is a Spiritual journey. Just like the world of entrepreneurship is. And same goes for the world of dating.


How can I say that Hollywood is a spiritual journey?

Because the road of Hollywoodism and entrepreneurism asks us to get down to our truth. Fast. Do you believe that making money is hard? Do you believe you’ll get that role? Do you believe you can create money doing what you love? Will you follow the prescription that 99% follow? The prescription that says forget your desires, say NO to your purpose, and ignore your truth? Or will you “follow the call?” as Joseph Campbell says. If you choose to follow the call, will you stand strong in your worth and absolutely own your power to create the money, the love, and the life you want...or will you approach your desires with a “waiting to be picked” mentality? Cuz here’s the deal, when you’re waiting to be picked, you always end up… waiting.

I know.

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