The Easy Little Secret to Your Next Promotion And Raise


The Easy Little Secret to Your Next Promotion And Raise
Are you doing this one key thing to getting a better salary or bigger promotion?

When it comes time for a salary review (or promotion discussion) - pull out this list ahead of time.  Think through what you want to highlight to your boss, and why what you did was impactful to your company or firm.  ("I changed the way we processed x - we saved 20% of our budget because of it!" "I booked xyz amount of new business - growing our portfolio by 25% - more than anyone else in this business unit" "I made 4 new connections and partnerships, increasing our ability to do abc - something we have never been able to do before!").

Some other things to think about:


A. Do your research - learn what others in your field at your level make (ideally through conversation, but also go to and and look at salaries for open positions in your field).  Know what you are worth in your industry.

B. Have a conversation that is respectful and open.  Say something along the lines of: "As you can see, I have been making a much larger impact/commitment and I'm excited to grow with the firm.  Based on this, I would love to talk to you about doing a salary review to see if I merit an increase."  Or "I would love to talk to you about what the road to promotion could look like for me. Can we schedule some time to sit down and chat - I want to know what I could be doing more of - or what else I should focus on to grow."

C. Ultimately, the answer may be no.  And that is ok - you have gotten on your boss's radar for your performance (and polite way of asking for a review - not a raise, but a review! Important distinction here, where you put the perceived power in their hands), and they are now thinking about your salary and how you fit.  But if you don't ask, the answer is MOST CERTAINLY no.  And that leaves you...right where you are now.

What are you going to do about it?

We are going to be talking about salary on my next CAREER HAPPY HOUR (whohoo!) - it's a FREE chance to get some personal advice - so if you want to know more, listen in, or ask a question. Register here.

Talk soon!



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