The Secret Allure Of The 'Bad Boy'


The Secret Allure Of The 'Bad Boy'
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Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you are responsible for the kind of men you spend time with.
And whether you’d like to admit or not, lots of women (and maybe you) rarely feel that powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for “nice guys” who chase after them, dote on them and kiss up to them.
You might LIKE the experience of the “nice guy” doing these nice things, but it doesn't make you feel that attraction or connection that has you wanting him.
There’s something I call The Danger of A Connection. When most women feel that intense chemistry and attraction and connection with a man, (as you might feel with a Bad Boy) they open up and start to explore their feelings and let him in.
The problem here is that the connection that they feel, while it’s great to have, has NOTHING to do with whether or not this man is actually a fit for them as a partner in a RELATIONSHIP.
In other words… women are often choosing men based on the connection they FEEL with the man. Meanwhile, the only thing that having this connection means for sure about the man is that the man might be feeling it too. For now.
The connection does NOT mean that a man is looking for a relationship, feels something more than a physical connection and is ready and capable of something more than a casual fling.
How many times have you made this mistake with a man, or a Bad Boy, because of the Danger of A Connection… and set yourself up for disappointment?
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