The #1 Key to Attracting a Healthy Relationship


The #1 Key to Attracting a Healthy Relationship
What is the number one key to a relationship that most singles leave at the door when they date?

    For instance, if you need your mate to tell you how beautiful you are on a daily basis, how can you develop your own daily dose of self worth and beauty? If you feel that getting a boyfriend will make you feel more complete, how can you, in the meantime, create a statement that boldly says how you are already complete just by being your awesome self?
   These answers expose the truths inside all of us that create the tremendous self confidence that not only makes us feel pretty darn good, but also, attracts one heck of a mate. When we ask ourselves what are our biggest needs and solve them ourselves, then we go into the dating world brimming with self love and make a decision on a partner based on choice, as opposed to need.  We will make better choices in a mate since we are no longer looking to fill a void. Instead,  we are ready to take off on a wonderfully shared journey of experiences and growth. We bring our best selves to the table and have a keen eye for a good match, since we know we are one heck of a catch, and should not accept crumbs.
    Take some time to go over your “needs” and ask if they can be fulfilled by yourself. Go over the key characteristics that you need in a partner and see if they are representative of anything you might be lacking inside. We all have our needs, and, of course, we find great solace, comfort, and strength in our partners. However, when we become dependent upon them to “complete” ourselves, quite often, we do not get the Hollywood ending that we often see on the big screen. 

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