Wisdom from Whitney: Put Yourself First


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More than tragedy: Whitney's passing offers us wisdom we can apply in our lives right away.

It was September 2009 when a vibrant, yet voice-strained, Whitney Houston took the GMA stage  to launch a promising and long awaited comeback. Surrounded by devoted listeners fighting to beat the heat with custom made Whitney Houston fans given out by GMA, Whitney's smile seemed to signify that perhaps she'd beaten the battle of alcohol and drug addiction that had been sadly shadowing this beautiful superstar's success. Believing she was ready to rise again, she shared her experiences with Oprah in 2009. Now less than three years later, Whitney is gone leaving us with the unforgettable light of her smile, the brilliance of her talent and our frustration over another unnecessary and tragic loss.

So what wisdom can we all take from Whitney's struggle and subsequent passing?


Lessons From Whitney Houston

In these difficult economic times, we can see that money does not ensure happiness. Adoration does not ensure self confidence or love, and supportive encouragement by millions is virtually meaningless if we don't love ourselves first.

Putting you first is a powerful way to love you first. Here are 5 steps you can start applying right now to direct your life with power from the inside out no matter who you are, what you do or what you want from life:

1. Awareness—Envision what you want for you in your life, including how you wish to feel about you, the kinds of relationships you want, as well as how you wish to be treated by others. Then use it as your compass.

2. Accountability—Put yourself first by honestly asking yourself how your choices and actions on a daily basis relate, support or conflict with creating and enjoying the life experience you want. Who do you surround yourself with? What kinds of relationships do you choose? How do you treat yourself? Your behavior toward yourself teaches other people how to treat you. Use your awareness about you and what you want to determine whether the people and activities you're choosing match up with the reality you desire.

3. Face Your Fear Factors—Rather than something to conquer, your fears are something to explore. You can use them to boost your success. Examine the threats behind your fears so you can create strategies to deal with them instead of looking for ways to escape them. You'll deflate their power and increase your own simultaneously. 3 Fears That Keep You Single

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