Why He Won't Say "I Love You."


Why He Won't Say "I Love You."
You spend every possible moment basking in each others' company, so why won’t he say I love you?

In Jennifer’s case she discovered that while her man was comfortable being monogamous, committed and loving, he associated saying I love you with taking the relationship to an even greater level. He’d been married before, and wanted to marry again. Further exploration revealed that he wanted to say I love you when he felt confident about the long term future of the relationship. Although their two months had been wonderful, he associated more than meaningful times with saying I love you.

3. He’s Just Not Feelin’ It
Just as you can love someone without being in love; fabulous times, passionate kisses and intimate love making do not necessarily = love or being in love. It’s easy to assume that the man who bears his soul to you on a regular basis without wanting anyone else must be in love with you. However as crazy as it sounds, it’s possible for a man to share virtually every aspect of his life with you without being in love with you. Sometimes as much as he cares about you, he just not in love with you. While the truth may hurt, it’s important to discern whether he’s closed off to loving you or simply a late bloomer in the falling in love department.


So what should you do if your man won’t say I love you?

First remember that men and women experience and define love in all different ways, therefore it’s critical for you to refrain from making assumptions when he refrains from saying I love you. Second, make it a point to learn what your man associates with saying I love you along with what he believes will be expected of him. Then you’ll have a better understanding of what saying those words mean to him. Third, check in with yourself and be sure that you aren’t placing greater emphasis on words than what you’re actually experiencing in your relationship. While it’s easy to harp on why he won’t say I love you, it’s equally important to understand why you’re placing so much value on him doing so.

What’s most important in love matters is that your individual desires and intentions are aligned with each other so you’re clear that you want the same outcome. Then you can be in it fully and create a relationship that reflects what you wish to experience today as well as tomorrow. If you need more tips on attracting a relationship with power, pick up a copy of Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass—Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right today —and Cheers to your best relationship ever!

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