Advice For Lindsay Lohan: 5 Steps To A Drama-Free Life


Advice For Lindsay Lohan: 5 Steps To A Drama-Free Life [EXPERT]
Can Lindsay recover? 5 steps you and Lindsay can take to create a happy Hollywood ending today.

3. Identify Your Triggers And Engage Your Awareness
Which feelings preceded and prompted your self-sabotaging actions: boredom, insecurity or frustration? Who encouraged or supported you to take treacherous paths? Your past contains the data you need to determine what triggers you to make bad choices. Pinpointing triggers is the crux of my work as a strategist, because once you know who and what drives you to make destructive choices, you can set new boundaries that support you. Additionally, you can use your awareness to determine when something or someone is beginning to trigger old habits so you can regroup and refrain from falling back into that old pattern. 

4. Connect The Dots With Accountability
Connecting the dots is about thinking ahead so you can maximize your ability to create the big picture you desire for your life. We typically think of taking responsibility after the fact, when in truth, accountability is something you should engage before you take an action. In order to prevent your addictions or habits from stealing your future, you must first prevent them from compromising your present. That means asking yourself how the action you're about to take relates to what you want long term. Does it fit or conflict? Connect the dots by assessing your actions ahead of time so you can make any necessary corrections. How Ms. Lindsay Lohan Can Get Out Of Jail Once & For All


5. Refresh Your Big Picture
Just as your computer screen needs to be refreshed, you need to revisit what you want daily. Doing so helps you be more accountable while keeping you aware of your present moments so you can get more out of them.

Transforming any part of you or your life doesn't have to be grueling. Instead, think of it as a big road trip. Use your desire to fuel your engine. Use your big picture for life to program your internal GPS. Then, use your awareness and accountability daily to keep yourself on route. If you suddenly find yourself on a road going nowhere, give yourself a break and regroup. Refresh your internal GPS, recommit to your destination and use what you learned off road to navigate your path more skillfully.

Cheers! The best of life and love await you.

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