Advice For Lindsay Lohan: 5 Steps To A Drama-Free Life


Advice For Lindsay Lohan: 5 Steps To A Drama-Free Life [EXPERT]
Can Lindsay recover? 5 steps you and Lindsay can take to create a happy Hollywood ending today.

It was 1998 when Lindsay Lohan first hit the big screen in The Parent Trap. With a fresh freckled face, quick wit and a surprisingly clear focus, long term success seemed inevitable for her. Growing up before our eyes, Lindsay's likable looks and down to earth charm made her the girl next door that countless others could relate to. However, with a mounting movie career, little parental supervision and unlimited funds at her fingertips, she slipped from promising professional to proficient party girl.

After her less than convincing Today Show interview, her lackluster performance on Saturday Night Live, and as of last night, her hit-and-run outside a Hollywood club, many are wondering if Lindsay still has the chops required to create a happy Hollywood ending for herself. 5 Things About Lindsay Lohan's SNL Hosting Gig That Bothered Us


Fortunately, despite the self-sabotaging actions Lindsay or you may have taken in the past, every day is an opportunity to rewrite your script. One of my favorite sayings is, "You can fall in and out of other stories or grab the pen and write your own." By viewing your previous choices as stepping stones and lessons, you're actually poised to recycle them into tools that support more than the recovery of your life. Your past experiences can help you perform at a higher level and refrain from replaying old scenes that clash with your new storyline.

If you need to make some changes in your life, here are 5 steps that you and Lindsay can take today to successfully redirect your journey:

1. Accept Some Truths
While you can't control your life, you do direct much of what happens to you. Just like the mathematical equations you learned in grade school, your choices and actions create life equations every day—your experiences are the results of those equations. Accept that surrounding yourself with people whose goals and priorities are aligned with yours supports you to be your best. Most importantly, accept that letting go of the people, places and things that clash with your goals is vital to paving your new path. ("Doing what you did will only get you what you got.") 7 Steps To Letting Go Once & For All

2. Envision Your Big Picture And Commit To It
Define the new picture you want for your life. Where do you see yourself ideally? What does your daily life look like? How do wish to spend your time? What kinds of friends do you want? How do you see your career? What activities would you like to enjoy? What does your ultimate romantic relationship look like? Whether you're overcoming addiction or simply desiring change, you must envision what you want long-term. Then, commit to your big picture by revisiting it, adding to it, and most importantly, choosing to give yourself the gift of creating it. Why Your Boyfriend Won't Commit

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