The Bachelor Recycled: 3 Q's To Prevent Mis-Calculations


The Bachelor Recycled: 3 Q's To Prevent Mis-Calculations
More than entertainment, The Bachelor offers insights we can all use to create profitable love lives

If the passion and enthusiasm initially conveyed, promised, or shared dissipates, you or your partner may feel betrayed and unfulfilled. Life is motion, thus once your daily comfort is covered, be sure to set future goals you can strive for and work toward together. It's striving for new goals that keep what's happening between you happening around you, so your fire for each other and your life together doesn't go out. 4 Love Lessons From The Bachelorette Finale

Awareness is your best shortcut to relationship bliss. Dare to define what's motivating you. Embrace what's emerging from within you and be clear about what's happening between you so your calculations are accurate. Then you can sustain your attraction for one another within a love relationship that will go the distance. Visit me at my website, and get a leg up on your love life with this video on how to "own who you are" while you're out there dating. Cheers to your best relationship ever! 


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