The Bachelor Recycled: 3 Q's To Prevent Mis-Calculations


The Bachelor Recycled: 3 Q's To Prevent Mis-Calculations
More than entertainment, The Bachelor offers insights we can all use to create profitable love lives

This is why chapter one of Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass walks you through the process of assessing your personal factors to be sure you're engaging motivation over desperation. Make peace with what you fear as well as what you want to believe so neither impulse chooses your partner for you.

What's emerging from within you?


Charlyism 2-20: Relationships are lessons, and sometimes the path you take in your pursuit for love paves the way into your heart more so than another. With passion and spunk it wasn't hard to see that a better suited partner awaits Kacie B. Consistently the picture of down home comfort, Kacie and Ben's last supper revealed some disturbing family dynamics that were likely driving many of her deductions about love and Ben. Will Erasing Your Ex's Footprint Mend Your Broken Heart?

While speaking with her sister, Kacie's enthusiasm appeared much more connected to her leap of faith from her parent's strict beliefs than the one she made into Bachelor Ben's arms. Similarly, when your pursuit of love helps you explore and engage parts of yourself that have been otherwise repressed, the love you feel can be more about connecting with aspects of you than the person or experience you're making the connection through.

Is What's Happening Around You ... Also Happening Between You?

It's common to project the intensity and emotions of your experiences onto the people you share them with. On The Bachelor your viewing pleasure is totally enhanced by the breath taking views, exotic locales and exciting adventures you're watching week after week. Now imagine actually being there, breathing in the air, standing on the cliffs, swimming in the oceans, and dining on the delectable culinary delights that are paired with crisp wines and bubbly champagnes. These women do fall in love ... with the experiences that are often the greatest common denominators between them and Bachelor BenKim Kardashian's Divorce: More to the Fairy Tale

Even though you may not be traveling by private jet for your dates — if your feelings are growing faster than you've ever imagined ... ask yourself honestly why you feel the way you feel and what's prompting your emotions. The courting phase is about presentation and celebration, which can easily diffuse any hesitation. Make sure what's happening around you is also happening between you for real.

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