Abortion & Depression: The Coleman Connection


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It's important to "follow your gut" when it comes to making important decisions.

Whether pro-choice or pro-life, the desire to live authentic, truthful lives unites us. Ironically, the emotionally polarizing experience of abortion that often divides us provides raw and riveting insight we can all use to consider choice in all areas of our lives. Thus I asked women how they felt about having an abortion, what the factors were surrounding their decisions, and how the experience has impacted their lives. Here's what a random sampling of women ranging in ages 31-74 revealed about the impact of choice with regard to their abortions.

Despite the many contributing factors to women's mental health and abortion, almost every woman I interviewed who regretted terminating her pregnancy said she was forced without choice to abort her pregnancy. Some were even preempted by incest and rape. The only woman who believed she owned her choice ultimately revealed that her choices were limited by her boyfriend. The Bachelor Recycled: 3 Q's To Prevent Mis-Calculations


He refused to allow adoption, which was the choice she most wanted to make. Forced to choose between abortion and raising the child, she chose abortion. Her options were limited by someone else, which means her abortion was not a true choice for her. Still, she suffered emotional distress for years. As in her case, circumstances don't always allow for the #1 choice we prefer. The key is to discern the difference. This not only empowers your process of making choices, it enables you to make peace with choices that others have forced you to make, and helps you to resist punishing yourself emotionally.

Every woman who viewed her abortion positively reported responding to an internal knowing that guided her actions. More than one woman reported gaining a sense of empowerment from following her gut instinct. Two Christian women said they couldn't deny the strength of their inner guidance, thus asked for forgiveness after having abortions and both felt confident about being forgiven. From Dodging Divorce to Dancing with Love

All these women also stated that because they owned their choices, Coleman's stats wouldn't have deterred them. One women who fell into both categories said she regrets her first abortion because it was forced upon her, yet feels positively about the second because she made the choice with clarity knowing she didn't want to expose a child to the abusive situation she was in. She's now a happily married mother of five.

Owning your choices also means accepting the totality of circumstances that inspired the choices you've made. Specifically, you refrain from using insight you gained today to judge yourself for choices you made yesterday, so you are without the benefit of that wisdom. You also fail to punish yourself for factors beyond your control. Abortion Talk Still Taboo?

Understand that regardless of your personal stance on abortion, the power of owning your choice as a woman is undeniably powerful in every area of your life. No matter what you're contemplating, the better you understand how to own your choices, the more empowered you are to create loving relationships and fulfilling lives. Cheers to enjoying the best life and love have to offer.

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