Abortion & Depression: The Coleman Connection


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It's important to "follow your gut" when it comes to making important decisions.

As the political and psychological war over abortion wages on, learning how to "own" all of our choices as women could not be more vital to ensuring our long term health and peace of mind. In 2009 Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University in Ohio released a controversial study linking abortion and mental health issues.

To formulate her findings, Coleman compared the mental health of 399 women, 70% of which were under the age of 21 when they had their abortions, to more than 6 times as many women who haven't had abortions. Her stats were quickly challenged, yet in truth, questionable reports breeding fear and divisiveness within the hearts and minds of women are common. Free Contraception: 1 Step Forward Or Fluke In Freedom?


Thus trusting your inner compass is the most powerful path to finding your truth and owning your choices. Owning your choices not only makes you impervious to deceptive data of all kinds, it empowers you to honor the individual truths for others without fear. Most importantly it prevents you from practicing the same intolerance you condemn in those who attempt to force their beliefs and limitations upon you.

What's the clandestine connection between Coleman and choice?

Owning your choices means making those that feel intrinsically correct to you free from the influence and pressure of others. When you make a true choice, all of your options are on the table. Circumstances or people may affirm your choices, but you won't allow them to sway you from what you feel is appropriate and just — using your gut instinct. My Depression is Keeping Me From Finding Love [VIDEO]

Thus, although Coleman's statistics were skewed, neither vilifying her as a pro-life activist set out to abort reproductive choice, nor defending the integrity of her mission is highly beneficial. Her study sheds light on the fact that women have suffered emotionally after terminating pregnancies.

Since we know that many women have prospered tremendously after having made the same choice, calculating accurate numbers or attacking the basis of her study is a distraction. Our greatest value lies in grasping what comprises the differentiation in the results. Each of us has our own spiritual and emotional DNA, which means no statistic will truly capture those answers. However, by looking for common denominators, we gain insight we can use to empower our choices, and maximize the benefit we experience as a result of making them.

Our personal experiences are an untapped university of knowledge and information just waiting to be utilized. The wisdom we stand to gain by sharing ours with curiosity and awareness is boundless. My life was transformed when I began putting me first and owning my choices. At the very least, the Coleman controversy gives you an opportunity to explore the power that owning your choices can yield. Wisdom from Whitney: Put Yourself First

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