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How We Teach Men To Abuse Women

The headlines are everywhere: Rape is the worst of crimes against women—against humanity, in fact. We know this intrinsically, but when we read those headlines as adults—long after we have been inculcated with messages that violence against women is actually silently accepted—we give them less ...

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Dear Holidays: I Hate You

I know how that headline sounds. The truth is, my thoughts on the holidays are not so finite and/or rooted in hatred. And… I'm not talking about the consumer-side nor the religious aspects of the holiday season. As a matter of fact, let's get a few things out of the way: No matter what your ...

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Why Rape & Domestic Violence Are A Man's Problem

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the gruesome gang rape of an Indian woman on a bus in New Delhi. The 23-year-old medical student who was attacked later died in a Singapore hospital. What has changed in 12 months? NOTHING. Women get hurt, threatened, coerced, and abused every single day — ...

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Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?

Single-but-looking wasn't always so hard. If you back up just a few short years, it was commonplace to meet someone from your neighborhood and end up in a relationship with them — eventually getting married. But with the advent of technology, neighborhoods have given way to online communities. ...

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Confessions Of Cheating Husbands

"Cheating" and "celebrity news" seem to be synonymous these days as a microcosm of our society. We have a huge interest in the "lifestyles of the overindulged and without scruples." We're obsessed with watching celebrities leave loving marriages and relationships for torrid ...

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How We Teach Men To Abuse Women In Relationships

How We Teach Men To Abuse Women

Think you're not part of the problem? Think again.

Love & Christmas: Dear Holidays: I Hate You

Dear Holidays: I Hate You

What sucks about the holidays… are expectations.

India Rape Case: Unkind Love & Domestic Violence

Why Rape & Domestic Violence Are A Man's Problem

Men: It's time to take a stand against domestic violence.

Online Dating: Why We're All Buying Into A Scam

Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?

It seems like everyone's looking for love online... but are they wasting their time?

Confessions of Cheating Husbands

Confessions Of Cheating Husbands

Why do men cheat? Real guys confess all.

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