Taylor Swift's Wake Of Romantic Destruction


taylor swift
Your good girl image is as fake as that surprised look on your face.
An open letter to Taylor Swift and her teenage followers about the "innocent songbird's" love life.

Many people believe you are just unlucky when it comes to love. From a reader on my Facebook page: "[Taylor's] terrible at relationships but has a knack for writing stupid, catchy songs about failed love interests. She's an entrepreneur of failing at life, but succeeding because of it. C'est la vie." But I wonder if that would be the public's opinion if you were a 23-year-old male singer — banging chicks today, putting them up for public humiliation tomorrow.

In reviewing your romantic exploits, a number of things have become clear: You are a user of people. You hook up, use the experience to foster creativity, and you move on. Many artists use environment, life experience and find other sources of inspiration. Your inspiration seems to emanate from three places: (1) the humiliation of others, (2) a lack of conscience about it and (3) turning bad relationships into victimhood.

You are climbing a ladder of men. You started with C-list actors, and moved up the chain to more well-known stars, ultimately landing on a member of today's hottest boy band. You have a desperate need for attention, which is why you are glomming on to whoever is hot at the moment. It's funny how the world can blast Britney Spears for her relationship issues, but you can seemingly walk through life doing far worse than she ever did, and the world forgives you. For some reason, you get a pass.

But you are not so innocent. Not at all, actually, and it's been amazing to watch. Players like you don't have the personality type to hang around after they screw someone over. They have to skip town quickly because they've been unmasked. Most players are actually hustlers with a smooth line, a victim's mentality and a good excuse for why things went awry. But you are a great example of what separates hustlers from con artists. Hustlers have to jump ship; cons stick around because they are viewed as friendly, unlucky victims.

And now, the harsh truth: You are what so many women would call "a typical man." You find a target, have your own fun based on your own selfish needs, and then you leave, feigning innocence. I've watched you on TV, Miss Swift, and I'm not fooled. You're no mystery to me; I used to be you, so the BS is really easy for me to spot.

My advice to you, Taylor, is this: Quit while you're ahead. Sixteen men later, the world is onto you. They see the pattern, and the next guy is (hopefully) going to be very wary of your motivations. Find a new way to inspire yourself, instead of sponging off others and being a vampire of their love just so you can manifest your own suffering and write about it. Stop lying to yourself, and find the self-esteem to stand on your own.

With a hard dose of reality,

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.

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