How Having Faith Can Help You Find True Love


How Having Faith Can Help You Find True Love [EXPERT]
Why every woman needs to learn to let go and have a little faith.

That means we don't have to do it all alone or suffer in silence. It also means we can make significant changes in our life, at any time and at any age. Help is available to those who ask. The shortcut step to accomplishing any dream, including falling in love, is to learn to ask for help, which will open your heart to all the possibilities.

But it's how you ask that can make all the difference. And this is true whether you are asking someone to make an introduction for you or praying to (your) God for forgiveness. During a recent visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, I was awe struck by the beauty, magnificence and artistic expression that went into creating this masterpiece. But the piece I couldn't take my eyes off of was the panel of God creating Adam. Both have their arms stretched out, longing for life, awakening and creation.


It is an act of faith when we reach out for what we want, especially when our heart is involved. This is why I feel it's powerful to share your dreams for love. It's vulnerable, but as you speak your dream out loud, you are sending a powerful message out about what you desire. Some say through prayer we ask for what we want and through mediation we can hear the answers to our prayers. No matter what your faith, I invite you to open to a faith practice of asking for what you want. How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Whatever form this takes for you, I encourage you to take some time to stop, feel your heart, connect to longing to find your soulmate and use faith as a powerful guide to aid you in taking your important next step.

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