5 Tips To Bounce Back From A Breakup


5 Tips To Bounce Back From A Breakup [EXPERT]
Boost your resiliency with these five tips!

4. Think before you act (or speak). In the heat of the moment we sometimes do and say things we will later regret. Give yourself a "time out" before you do anything impulsive. Take some time to make a list of relevant pros and cons, take a walk to clear your head, write in journal, or even create a piece of art that might reflect your emotional state at the time. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

5. Ask for support. A loss can leave us feeling especially lonely. Turn to someone in your support circle instead of being stoic and going at it alone. Grieving is best not done alone and an essential thing we can do is ask for help when we need it. Oftentimes we feel like we're placing a burden on our friends when we ask for help when, more often than not, our friends and family are happy to support us. 5 Steps To Self-Love & Happiness [EXPERT]


An easy trap to get into is to go back to a previous unsuccessful relationship or get involved in a rebound relationship prematurely. When you ricochet from relationship to relationship because you do not want to be alone, you're usually in the new relationship for all the wrong reasons. It's important to go into any new relationship with a blank slate and no hidden agenda. Are You Confident Enough To Achieve Your Dreams?

When a relationship ends you have to remember that you didn't fail, you simply had a plan that didn't go the way you wanted it to. If you can find the place within yourself to trust yourself and your inner strength, you have already begun building your resilience.

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