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Cecile Peterkin - Career Coach, Author, Career Counselor, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter - Toronto, ON

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"When I see your strom clouds begin to dissipate, I feel absolute joy!"

About Me

Career Confused?  Need to get out of a Professional Rut?  Need to change gears but — WHICH gear, WHICH direction, WHICH strengths?
You need a career coach

Here is what I have learned from my years of coaching — when you are in the middle of a hurricame, you don't try to protect yourself by running outside like a crazy person.  

There is a better way....

My journey has made me what I am.  People look at me and make grand assumptions about my wonderful life.  I do have a wonderful life and it's because I too have been blessed with pain. It's an odd thing to say, true, but it's in those times of complete stop where the most amazing opportuities lie.

Broken, you can now honestly reassess  — why am I in this place, and decide, 'yes, I want to continue' or no, no more'.

What Coaching can do for you

This is where life and career coaching comes in.  I am not in crisis so I see the opportunities that surround you and the potential in you. If you will let me be your guide, I will help you see what I see.  Perhaps it's leadership skills that need to augmented, maybe today's career choice is not what's in your heart, perhaps you are trying to break through what you think is the glass ceiling but could be goals that are working at cross-purposes.  If you are ready, I will help you take the next step in your career, increase your leadership and management skills or help you reevaluate your life's choices.

"When I see your storm clouds begin to dissipate, I feel absolute joy!"

I mean for you to succeed and will help by setting short, quick goals before you.  If you are looking for someone who will be gentle, sweet and let you weep for hours — that's  not me.  But if you are looking for a coach who will work with you, guide you and most of all, be straight with you.  Contact me now for a 30 minute Complimentary Session!

If you are able to hear my words, I promise, you will:

  • Be more confident
  • Take away strategies on how to better navigate in your corporate environment — what to be watching for, how to change the tone of your dialogue
  • Be released from Small Time Thinking and move into your BIG PICTURE
  • Be on your way to fulfilling your dream


Now that you are here; try a Complimentary Coaching Session


The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

As a senior manager of operations and administration for 17 years at one of Canada's largest mutual fund companies, I always looked toward providing guidance in assisting junior staff in achieveing their goals.  A staff member in particular that I hired was for the most part, struggling with her work.  I spent time with her, learning that the single mother of two was having a difficult time juggling work and parenting — her main goal was to give her children opportunities in life.  I was able to encourage her, not only to succeed in the work place, but to find the balance she was striving for.

Even in such a fast-paced, competitive industry, I held the belief that each individual just want to be nurtured and recognized for their potential, and once that potential was unlocked, they would fine the key to their success.

This inspired me to follow my heart and ambitions, opening Cosmic Coaching Centre and ProMentoringinc in 2002.  Personally, the qualities that make a strong coach and mentor comes naturally to me.  I am a strong, direct and determined leader — most importantly, I am energetic, optimistic and have fun with my clients.

Experience coaching with me; sign up for Your Complimentary Coaching Call!

Success Stories

Job Strategies


I can't thank you enough for the support you provided to me yesterday.  I know I will be in better shape to face my upcoming meetings becuase of the tools you equipped me with.  I also know this is just the beginning and I'm relieved to have someone as skilled and knowedgeable as you in my corner.




Job Interview

Thanks so much Cecile!  I snagged my full-time position at Saint Elizabeth Health Care by using all those interview techniques you taught me.  You're awesome!

F. Ng

Katherine's Story

I began working with Cecile in the lowest years of my life.  I’d been victimized in my work, and I was angry, discouraged, negative, and anxious about my future.  Cecile worked with me where I was.  She took the time to get to know me and to understand my values.  Patiently, she helped me find my own strength.  She challenged me to remain positive and helped me think outside my own box.  She helped me to be true to myself.

Now, four years later, I have achieved the career goal I’d been working toward for the past 20 years and was ordained as a minister in the church.  Cecile traveled all the way to Virginia, USA to attend my service.  When I met her in person for the first time that day, I was impressed that her outside so well suited her inside; she was as radiant and inspiring in her person and demeanor, as she is in her character.

I continue to work with Cecile.  I consider our meetings to be one of the best investments I make in both my career and my personal life.  She helps me press on in my journey of becoming the person I am made to be.

Katherine N.


Journey of Self-Discovery


Coaching refreshes your perspective; renews your vitality; strengthens your confidence; gives clarity through research and self-discovery, and revitalizes your identity and personality.  All of these qualities will make you a strong self-advocate.


You find yourself accomplishing goals in ways you did not expect and in places you have never been before.  Independence is an asset while seeking out what you need to accomplish your goals.  Learning to express your needs through clear communication with employers, educators, family or friends gives them a clearer picture of who you are and what you require to succeed.  A dynamic coach teaches you to go out into the world and seek out your dreams and passions with vigorous determination.

Dynamic Coach

Cecile is fun, professional, patient, influential and attentive to your needs while affecting you with her contagious smile and upbeat personality.

Cecile teaches, coaches, guides, listens, deciphers, gives direction and ideas and lets you sit on them.  She gives you the knowledge and skills.  She shares her wisdom and experience to show you that you are both on a journey together.

She delves into your strengths and weaknesses but allows you time to experience or trial her ideas.  She coaches you to merge her ideas, with your own, based on experiences and research.

Eventually you realize that you are companions on a similar journey; a journey of self-discovery.

Randy N., Artist, Author, Teacher


Main SpecialtyCareer
Empowering Women
Life Management
Life Transitions
Midlife Crisis
Workplace Issues
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseAuthor
Career Counselor
Life Coach
Personal Development Coach
I offer my servicesAt my office
By Email
Willing To Meet in Public Locations like Starbucks (please inquire)
Via Skype
I am fluent inEnglish
Licence informationExpiration 5/1/99
Number 1234567890
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