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Do You Date a Career Type?

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There are a lot of us who are just too scared to be close to anyone.

Do You Date a Career Type?

Women, in general, are always in search for an ideal guy to date. But the question is always whether the ideal person is the right person. One great topic to explore in this context is how desirable it is to date a career driven man. It is not uncommon to hear women expressing how much they would want to date a man who is so committed and successful in their career. What’s interesting to know is if these types of men, the ambitious ones, are actually good or bad to date or partner up with.

For some women, part of the reason why they are so serious about dating a man who is so focused on their career advancement has to do with their own self-esteem. These women are actually not sure if they are that good, and so they are somehow hoping that by dating a successful and impressive guy, they will be considered special in some ways as well.

Aside from trying to compensate for a woman’s low self-esteem, some women date career types of men to protect themselves from getting hurt in the relationship. There are a lot of us who are just too scared to be close to anyone. Our experiences in the past, disappointments, or failed relationships can actually make us hesitate to be in a serious relationship once again. Women tend to think that those men who are very successful in their careers also won’t have time to get serious in a relationship. So when things don’t work, they both will not have a hard time letting go of each other. So for women, dating a career type is a way to avoid emotional fallout.

The explanations provided above on why women would choose to date career-driven types of men might seem unfair to some. Of course, it isn’t right to judge how successful men truly feel about the women they date. Although there is a common perception that such men are generally commitment-phobic, there are still some who would want to be in a serious romantic relationship with a woman who they think fits them perfectly. Then again, how are we to know?

The bottom line here is there are many different reasons women love dating men who are committed to their career pathways. If you are one of them, there’s no way we could say you’re doing the right thing or otherwise. What will always be true is that any person who puts their career at the top of their priorities in life will be a challenge to pair up with.

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