3 Tips For Creating Well-Being


3 Tips For Creating Well-Being
Tools to bring more peace,calm and joy into your life.

In my work as a life coach, psychotherapist and energy healer, I have plenty of opportunity to talk to people about the stresses of everyday life and the resulting anxiety, fear and depression that they are feeling. Whether personal, such as job loss, aging parents, poor health, family issues, etc., or global, such as weather related losses, world politics or environmental concerns, we are all affected in some way. I help people to calm their anxiety, face their fears and begin to create lives of greater joy, purpose and well-being. So, in the face of these challenges, how is this possible?



While there are many things that we cannot control, there are a few really important things that we can. When we focus our attention on these things, even for a little while, we can bring more peace, calmness and joy into our lives.


1. Perhaps the most important thing we can do to quiet our minds and calm our bodies is to breathe. Yes, I know that we’re breathing all the time but I’m talking about a different kind of breathing, which I call Conscious Breathing. This involves becoming aware of your breath, noticing if you’ve stopped breathing (which we often do when we are pushing certain unwanted emotions away), whether your breathing is shallow or whether you are breathing too rapidly. Conscious breathing has been scientifically proven to take you more deeply into your body and move you into a state of relaxation after only three breaths. The next time you find yourself stressed out and perhaps feeling anxious, fearful or over-reacting to a situation, come back to your breath. Start with a long exhalation, releasing all the tension and stress you may be feeling. Then take a series of three deep, relaxing breaths. Imaging that you are breathing in peace and calm with each inhalation and letting go of stress and tension with each exhalation. This simple practice will help ground you and leave you feeling more energized and relaxed.


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