If you don't have the life you want, and are doing all the right things, do you blame yourself?

Another thing to consider is that perhaps your Soul chose to master a particular lesson in this lifetime that is best learned through a particular set of circumstances.  For example, if your Soul chose to learn self-love or forgiveness this time around, you may have opted to be born into a family where abuse, neglect or abandonment are part of your experience.  If you chose to learn lessons about acceptance you may have taken on a painful or debilitating medical condition.  In this sense you did “create” your reality, but not in a way that invites judgment or blame, but in a way that recognizes and honors the aspect of your Divine beingness that you wish to attain.  Each challenge can be recognized as an opportunity to uncover the places within ourselves that are ready to be healed so that we can grow more deeply into our Divine nature.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the question of consistency.  Through the twenty or so years that I’ve been consciously on this path of personal and spiritual growth this is the piece that I’ve struggled with the most.  For a while I stay with a program, do all the things I know are in my best interest to do, create my vision boards, visualize, meditate, journal, become aware of my thoughts, etc., and then I fall off the wagon.  I find myself complaining, worrying, going into lack consciousness, and trying too hard to make things happen.  Although I’ve gotten more consistent over the years I still slip more often then I care to admit  I’m gentler with myself now, and recommit to the things I know will benefit me, and don’t beat myself up for being human.  I remember that’s exactly what I’m here for, to find my way back to my spiritual Self through my humanness, practicing forgiveness and compassion for myself along the way.


I hope this clears things up a bit.  Blame, whether self-blame or blaming others, has a very low vibrational frequency.  It doesn’t serve you to blame yourself or anyone else for your circumstances.  It does serve you, however, to take responsibility for changing those things that you do not want to continue to create in your life.  Many of the ways to do this have already been mentioned so I won’t repeat them.  I promise to share my favorite process for clearing the energetic patterns in a future blog.  Stay tuned and keep sharing.

Many blessings.


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