Marriages: Why Do Some Stick?


Marriages: Why Do Some Stick?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, blogging is just weird!  Mostly because I can see that my blog is getting a lot of hits, but no one is leaving written comments.  Now, of course, I understand that my prior posts contained some complicated subjects--those topics being death and oral sex--but I still can't wrap my head around people reading such personal information and then not commenting. 

I guess there is a small temptation to not continue to blog, but I kinda think that now that I've started, It will be hard to shut me up!  And for those of you who actually noticed that I went back later and edited my orally remembered post, I am hoping you understand that I am still finding my blogging "voice".  Please be assured that, since my sexuality is such a huge part of my being, I will continue to write about it, just maybe not quite as explicitly as before.


You will also probably notice that I will not usually talk about my husband.  And that is mostly deliberate.  He is a wildly successful engineering manager working in Silicon Valley for a communications based defense contractor.  He has several security clearances, and I would hate it if anything I ended up writing about ever caused him any amount of negative attention.  In fact, most of the people I am acquainted with have no idea of what his last name even is because I never changed mine after our marriage in 1995. 


Being a dating & sex coach, I am fully aware that divorce rates are 50% in today's society.  It takes on a whole different meaning though when you apply that statistic to people you actually know and care about.

I've been surprised to learn that 2 of my old girlfriends (1 from college and 1 from post-college employment) had divorced.  My main surprise is that they had always been with their boyfriends and subsequent husbands since the time I had met them.  I was really caught by surprise since one friend had been with her husband since even before I began dating my husband--and we've been together since October 1991! 

Img009 (picture of me, circa 1992)

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