Before You Try eHarmony, Try A Little Me-Harmony


Before You Try eHarmony, Try A Little Me-Harmony
Don't blame online dating for sending the wrong guys...check your inner vibe first!

“I hate on-line dating!” Maggie sighed. “Everyone lies and posts pictures of themselves from 15 years ago.”

“I know what you mean,” moaned Lisa. “I want a guy over 6 feet and the last three matches were all under 5′ 8, fat and bald!”


Can you relate? Have you worked and worked on your on-line profile and still attract people you would never pick for yourself? What’s wrong with the system?

Personally, I have worked with many people who have had excellent results with on-line dating. Some, though still single, really enjoy the people they have met through these dating resources. So what’s the deal? Why aren’t more people lucky in on-line love?

If you aren’t finding a good match, could it be that YOU are not a good match? Is it possible that you aren’t projecting the whole picture? If you are attracting people that are not even close to your ideals, you just might need to focus on a little ME-Harmony before you go to eHarmony.

Long time singles like yourself have a Lost Love Legacy that holds your future captive.

Each person you have encountered along the way…BFFs included, have left a sort of footprint in your mind and heart. Some past relationships have been good and the breakups mutual. But, the fact is, all past relationships have disappointments and heartbreak that lodge themselves in your heart.

No one is perfect. People hurt each other in relationship when misunderstandings happen, no matter how hard you try not to. When you attract the exact opposite of who it is you want to be with, it is a sure sign that you are coming across with a confusing vibration. The Law of Attraction is relentless and always brings exactly what you are vibrating…not what you are hoping for.

One part of you craves to be loved and adored. Another fears opening deeply to let love in. One part of you wants to co-create a marriage that works. Another part is intimidated by the negotiating it takes to walk it out.

One part of you wants a partner who is open and vulnerable. Another part of you is terrified of being open and vulnerable. See what I mean?

When you focus on ME-Harmony, you learn you can accept your doubts and fears and still move forward. Making peace with the ghosts of relationships past is the fastest way to get there.

Each heart break in your past holds the power to make you an amazing partner. You did the best you could with what you knew at the time. Finding self compassion and letting go of your hurts and disappointments will bring you to a place of shining self confidence.

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