10 Things For Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes To Consider


10 Things For Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes To Consider [EXPERT]
Getting divorced? Not so fast, TomKat!

4. Kids come first. There is a time in the cycle of romantic couple love where your own needs take a back seat to your children.

5. This is not forever. The mixed emotions that both Tom and Katie must be experiencing will not last forever. Time and distance from this situation may make things seem completely different than they do right now. How To Get A Good Divorce


6. Love is often misunderstood. Damage is done when a couple doesn't understand that between phases in the love cycle, love just seems to disappear.

7. Love can change over time. When love resurfaces into the next phase, it has a shadow of the first connection, but it is completely different. When a couple goes through the "invisible love" phase, waking up to the fact that love is still there, just in another form, can create another, even stronger bond.

8. The children will always be yours and yours together. When the time comes that you do part ways, building love, respect and a two parent family experience for your toddlers will always be the best decision for everyone. If you need help, get help.

9. Speak up for the kids. Someone has to speak up for the kids who just want a home where mommy and daddy are good housemates to each other and give them a family experience. Put The Kids First: 6 Ways To Tell Them You're Divorcing

10. Seek counseling if necessary. If Katie truly pulled this divorce out of nowhere, and sought the divorce without any counseling to question her decisions, or without planning an exit strategy that puts the child first, I would ask her to reconsider. I know she doesn't give a "rat's ass" what I have to say about it, but I will tell you this. Suri has an opinion.

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