Is There A Magnet Drawing Heartbreak To Your Life?


Is There A Magnet Drawing Heartbreak To Your Life?
Fear of disappointment is a huge block to future love. Don't let this romance killer control you!

"I thought we had something real." Jen sobbed.

"He was the most romantic man I had ever been with. He was so polite and showered me with gifts and flowers."


"I didn't want to sleep with him yet, but he seemed so perfect." Her voice cracked again.

"What happened," I asked gently.

"He changed completely. He stopped texting first and then before I knew what happened, he started flirting with other girls on Facebook, and now..."

Jen started to weep on the line.

So how do you tell that the Knight in Shining Armor who has shown up is True Blue? How can you see the Wolves in Sheep's clothing before you get bitten?

All the answers you are looking for, all the vibrational energy you need, all of your potential is locked away in your Saboteur's domain.

Your Saboteur holds the Key to the Secret Kingdom in your heart. If you attract the Wolf in Sheep's clothing instead of the Knight in Shining Armor, the reason is that a "Disappointment Magnet" is alive and well in your vibration.

You can Demagnetize your Disappointment Magnet.

Don't wait another moment to attract the love you ache for. You can magnetize yourself to just need to know how!

Here are 5 action steps to Demagnetize Yourself From Disappointment:

1. Accept that a part of you wants you to stay single and safe. I know that is hard to take, but it is completely true. The more it annoys you to think about it, the truer it is.

2. Acknowledge that you have manifested singleness. It isn't getting any easier is it? You, yes you have created your single life style. It may not have been your conscious intent to be single, but you can't argue with the reality of your current single experience. A glance at your naked left ring finger reveals the truth.

3. Align yourself with teachers and mentors who teach inner healing. Fear of being hurt again is a terrible burden to bear. There are literally hundreds of coaches, healers and teachers out there ready and able to help you change your mind about the rat bastards in your past.  Check out The Soul Mate Boot Camp for help.

4. Allow yourself to let go...once and for all. I know that Ex broke your heart. Good grief, everyone within 100 miles knows he broke your heart. You must find a way to stop telling the story of your loss. You are the only one who can make the choice to move forward.

5. Act as if you are already loved and adored. This isn't so hard, the key is to take your eye off of romantic love for a moment. For one week, stay alert to the people who cross your path. Notice random acts of kindness coming your way. Make eye contact with service people you run into.

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