5 Ways Frankenweenie Helps With Moving On After Death


5 Ways Frankenweenie Helps With Moving On After Death [EXPERT]
5 ways pop culture can help teach your kids about death, loss and grief. Who better than Tim Burton?

2. Ask your child questions about parts of the film that he found scary. You might be surprised about what scenes he recalls. Talk about real and pretend and also about which scenes you thought were scary.

3. Older kids and adolescents are often very attached to their pets because they are feeling alienated and criticized by the adults in their lives. Frankenweenie is a great way to connect with your tween or teen. Most adults are not Tim Burton fans (see a movie to see why) so when you are willing to see this film, with or without your child, it may bring you closer.


4. The end of the movie gives you a chance to have a meaningful conversation with any age child. The way death and grieving is shown in the film is great. It is realistic and engaging. Ask your child how else the movie could have ended.

5. The movie remind you to educate yourself. If you are like most parents, you may not be too sure what you believe about death, dying and grief. It pays to spend time getting your mind wrapped around what you do want to say to your child. You can check out our Facebook Page for resources.

The bottom line is that your kids will be watching you and how you react to big challenges like the death of a pet. It is important that you not avoid the truth or offer unrealistic expectations and yet to talk to them at a level they understand.  Frankenweenie is a fantastic vehicle for having a meaningful conversation about the inevitable death of your family pet.  We give it four stars.

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