Donate to African Relief and Qualify for FREE Love Coaching


Donate to African Relief and Qualify for FREE Love Coaching
Don't just cry for the children who are dying...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and Share the Love!!
Thousands of children need your help.

Yes, you may have seen the horrifying pictures of starvation in Africa.


And, yes, you may have thought, what can one person do to help such a desperate situation.

Well here you go. 

I am offering a FREE One Year Membership in my coaching club for all soul mates who donate to the African relief fund. 

How does it work?

You simply visit one of these sites, donate and then email me a copy of your receipt.  That's it.  And if you are one of the angels who can donate $100 or more to feed the kids, I will also throw in a 30 minute private consultation.

catherine, make 2011 the year you draw the line in the sand and claim the LOVE you deserve.  Donate to save lives and then let the magic of the LOA in Love Club magnetize you to your own True Love.

Pick a charity and get started right now:

There are countless other aid groups and websites out your part and forward the receipt to me and you are in the LOA Love Club for a year.

Thanks for opening your hearts, your wallets and your minds to feeding the kids who so desperately need our help!
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