Do You Know Why You Are Still Single?


Do You Know Why You Are Still Single?
You may have a 'frenemy' in the camp. Exactly who is working against you? You might be surprised!

What’s a woman to do? Have you looked all over for the perfect match and….zilch, nada, nothing shows up? Should you just give up and get a half dozen cats or so?

Don’t give up!


You see, you have an enemy in the camp. Well, really she is a FRENEMY. Let me explain. No matter how many Law of Attraction books you have read, life coaches you have worked with, affirmations you have repeated or vision boards you have created, you still haven’t gotten the Love You Want and Deserve. Why is that?

Did you know that every woman who is unsuccessful in love has a True Love Saboteur, A Love Sabotage Expert, who is determined to keep her single It’s true. There is a part of you that feels safest single and that is just the way it is.

Somehow, this part of you, your Saboteur has gotten the idea that you are in terrible danger when you open your heart. She is convinced that you would rather be alone and miserable than happy and guarded.

Ouch. Doubtful? How do YOU explain how you have manifested singleness over all these years….and done it so successfully?

The True Love Saboteurs each have a unique sabotage style. Whether you are a Rapunzel, Snow White or Scarlett O’Hara, you will change your luck in love once you know your own sabotage style.

There is really good news here. Your Saboteur is the most powerful manifester you are likely to meet. Think about it, you have manifested singleness in spite of all your efforts to be find your True Love.

Once you understand your Saboteur and get her to work on your side, what might be possible for you?  Just ask Kerry:

Hi Catherine, I worked with you last year (almost exactly a year ago I believe!).  I'd love to chat with you to tell you my good news - I'm getting married in 2 weeks!  Thanks for all your coaching / counseling.  My fiancee is wonderful and I'm so thankful he came into my life and is such a perfect match for me.  Your words of wisdom have helped me focus on all the good and not dwell on unnecessary quirks or bumps in the road.  Thank you:)

Kerry ~ San Francisco

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