Celebrity Saboteurs: Anne Hathaway - Luminous Snow White


Celebrity Saboteurs: Anne Hathaway - Luminous Snow White
How this Lovely Snow White can pick the Perfect Dad when she is ready to be a mother.

Successful Snow Whites like Ellen Degeneres or Julia Roberts live private lives that work.  They are able to pick the work they love to do, get paid very well for it and enjoy a flourishing love relationship with partners who compliment them beautifully.

Here are some steps any Snow White can take to step out of your self sabotage and draw in a partner who is a perfect match and great dad:

1.  Stop Apologizing: Snow White is famous for saying "I'm sorry."  Manic apologizing weakens your personal magnetism every time....it is self sabotage at its awful best.  Start by observing yourself for a week or so.  Just tally the 'sorries' as they appear in your daily language.  You have to realize that when you apologize, your friends and family are put in an awkward position.  They don't feel the need for an apology and will resist intimacy.  For a Snow White that craves closeness, this is critical.

2. Ask For Support When You Need It:  Snow White is productive, efficient and driven.  She sets up her world so she can be independent and self-sustaining.  Especially after a disastrous breakup, she can create an even more convincing mask.  Always cheerful and resilient, her optimism can be a trap.  Snow White must trust a faithful friend, colleague or coach to help her emotionally.  She is not in this alone.

3. Spend Time Outside:  Nature is a magic elixer for all Saboteur types, but trees, water and animals are especially precious to Snow White.  Working with horses would be deeply meaningful for her.  Because everyone depends on Snow White, people can be draining.  Animals can't talk back and make fantastic listeners. 

4. Tell Your Story Mindfully:  One of the things I admire about Anne Hathaway is her spin on the challenges she has faced. In regard to personal strife and subsequent media attention, Hathaway uses a mantra that quotes Oscar WIlde:  "The less said about life's sores the better." This is brilliant. It will be crucial for Anne to tell the story of her breakup with her ex in an honest but not sugar-coated way.  

5. Trust Yourself To Trust Yourself Again: After a blindside, Snow White can get lost in her passions and career.  This works as achievement is like catnip to many Snow Whites. The vital key to finding True Love is to learn to trust the inner senses that are designed to guard against the players in life.

Naturally and charmingly naive, this True Love Saboteur must see the flaws in others realistically.  When she feels yellow flags, she must stop and look both ways.  She will succeed in love when she trusts herself more than anyone else.


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