Premarital Jitters? 6 Ways To Avoid Kim K's Mistakes


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Here's how to avoid getting divorced 72 days later.

Newsflash:  After 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have called it quits. 

I am not a long-time follower of the Kardashian clan.  I became interested when I realized that Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner was married to Kim's mom, Kris. I watched a couple of episodes around the big engagement ... so big that the engagement ring had to be delivered by a Brinks truck. And I — along with a few million other viewers — noticed some signs that they might be headed for trouble.


For one thing, on the very day that Kris planned to propose to Kim, they had an argument about money.  It was such a bad argument, Kris postponed popping the question ... begging the question: Why did they go through with it? Couldn't they have found a way to breakup before the wedding? 5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status

If you are a bride-to-be and filled with doubts about your upcoming wedding, here are some things to consider:

  1. As Oprah says: when in doubt, don't!
  2. Pick a friend or family member that you can be completely honest with and tell her about your doubts.  If it isn't feeling so good to you, your family may very well be thinking the same thing.  A close friend can help you see if your concerns are real.
  3. Remember: any party, no matter how extravagant can be postponed. You are the most important person in your life. You must honor your gut instincts that are creating the turmoil in your heart and mind.
  4. Remember: even financial loss due to a cancellation is piddly compared to the complication, pain and embarrassment of a very short marriage.
  5. Consider postponing it. After all, it could just be a timing issue. If you are doubtful, perhaps there is something you don't yet see about your man.  A postponement buys you the time you need to see him from as many different angles as possible.
  6. Don't assume responsibility for the reactions of others. Many will be shocked and dismayed, but a solid close few will stand by you and applaud your guts. If something is off about how you are getting along with your guy, pay attention.

I feel for Kim. To be so much in the public eye and going through another tough breakup must suck. She must be very sad that true and lasting love is so hard to find. 7 Suggestions For Saving Your Sinking Relationship

Would it have been easier to break up before the wedding?  What do you think?

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