10 Signs You Have Post Romantic Stress Disorder PLUS 3 Step Cure


10 Signs You Have Post Romantic Stress Disorder PLUS 3 Step Cure
If you can't move on no matter how hard you try, you might have PRSD. Don't give up! Here's help.

3. Get Physical: In my book, The Breakup Cleanse, I teach precise skills that will reprogram your brain to get over that lost love and move on. For now, here are some quick tips to convince your brain to stop pumping those painful stressful brain chemicals.

Aromatherapy: Turns out this isn’t so woo woo after all. The sense of smell is a powerful part of your breakup recovery plan. The parts of your brain that light up when using your nose allow for pleasure chemicals to be released. Candles, fresh flowers or essential oils will cause your brain to release soothing brain chemicals.


Music: In the same way as smell, hearing is profoundly effective in distracting the brain and turning of the fight or flight chemicals. Music triggers dancing and movement always detoxes the body. Meditation CDS or Nature Sounds flood the body with feel good endorphins.

Clean House: Go around your home, car and office to collect all of the gits, cards, jewelry, pictures and other memories of your ex. Put them in a box and remove them from your home. If you can’t bring yourself to throw the stuff out, the action of taking them out of your house is good enough.

Now hit your computer. Collect all pictures, old emails, texts and create a file to keep all of them together. Again, if you are not ready to hit delete yet, that is ok. Just “packing up” creates the space in your outer world that will bring healing to your inner world. 

Your brain is a magnificent organ and designed to provide you with what you need to survive.  Emotional trauma locks you into a fearful pattern of love and loss until you can recondition your reactions once and for all.

P.R.S.D. is real.  Your key to successfully wiggling free from your past is to be willing. Willing to change.  Willing to forgive.  Willing to address your own inner reactions.  Willing to love and care for yourself.

Freedom is the end game.  You can do it!  Your family and friends are wishing for you to get over your ex, move on and find love.  What are you waiting for?

Need more strategy, tips and tools?  The Breakup Cleanse is a 28 day action plan with step by step guidance for putting P.R.S.D. behind you once and for all.

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