5 Steps to Manifest Love With New Moon Solar Eclipse


5 Steps to Manifest Love With New Moon Solar Eclipse
There's enough magic here for believer and skeptic alike.....Venus is in retrograde too!

5.Let Go Of Something-- Somewhere in your life is evidence of what I like to call your "lower nature." You know, the gossipy, snarky, bitchy, stingy, selfish, mean, manipulative sneaky shadowy part of yourself that micro manages you from the inside out.

When you are stressed, exhausted, sad, lonely or hungry...what happens first? How do you snap? There is a clue to something you could let go of. I recommend creating an Intention around easily seeing and releasing a part of your lower nature that is logical to let go of.

I talk to people from all over the world who are tired of waiting, tired of trying so hard to find love and afraid of being alone. It is to you lovely people who don't see the beauty the rest of us do, it is to you I appeal to the most. Use this uber-powerful time, whether you believe in it or not to clear the cobwebs of past crimes of the heart and move on, what do you have to lose?

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