How To Focus On You


How To Focus On You

I know that, yes right now we are all tired. That yes right now we are all on hormonal roller coasters, and yes right now we have the best excuse to just give up and go, believe me I went there and it would have been darn easy to just check out. But just because it’s so easy right now to give up and check out, does not give us permission to give up and turn off our light.

Jesus was tired many, many times and I am sure his body was exhausted too.


But he did not blame his loved ones and his life for his miseries.

We might say, well that was Jesus. I am not him.

Here is the deal. We all are being asked to be Jesus in a sense right now.

We all are being asked to step into being in unconditional love with ourselves and others.

The difference between Jesus and us is that he came this world knowing that his being was unconditional love and he surrendered to this knowing completely.

This surrender was his life’s work. It wasn’t easy. He was human just like you and me.

If you are still reading this you know that you just like Jesus were born with a remembreance of your unconditional loving being. Our remembrance might not be as strong as the remembrance in Jesus was, but it is there. You know that you want to let your light shine and you are struggling because it seems so far out of reach.

The struggle that we all are experiencing right now is life “forcing” us into unconditional love. When we are anything but unconditional love, life gets unbearable. The people around us get unbearable. We get unbeareable.

How did Jesus surrender? That’s the million dollar question.

He did it by consciously staying connected with his divine being. With his own presence with that which is God in him.

And how did he do that?

Rather than going up through his head ( I think this is what most of us do when we meditate or pray) he jumped as deep as he could into his very own self. Right in the middle, right were your solar plexus is and your heart. It’s an act like jumping off a skyscraper and just falling or diving deeper and deeper.

He knew to do this, the moment dissonance, the tune in his soul, arose. The dissonance arises as soon as we move away and out of our true being. He practiced and practiced and practiced and never stopped.

We are all asked to be Jesus right now. And we are given many opportunities to practice. We are asked to practice to hear the dissonance of our soul. To literally hear the tune and to not mistake the mind chatter or our circumstances for its cause. The mind chatter will always be there, the world and its ups and downs and the people too. But when we focus our attention on the tune of our soul, we can immediately bring ourselves back into harmony without having to react and cause harm. We get back into harmony by diving deep until we hear our heart rejoice and feel our being and ourselves and the world as unconditional love. When we do this every encounter, every human being, and every situation is transformed by us.

When we tune ourselves and when we align ourselves, we create the world that we are so longing for.

This article was originally published at Carolin Hauser. Reprinted with permission.
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