How To Focus On You


How To Focus On You

We are living in extraordinary times right now and are all asked to step up and surrender at the same time.

I have to be honest with you today.

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We are all struggling right now big time. I am in it too.

Why is that and why is it important for you to know this and read this message?

Because I know we all want the same. I know we all feel the same. And I also know that it is my gift and blessing to put into words and context for all, that which is happening to us so we can understand. It is also my gift and my blessing to connect us with one another so that we might not feel as alone as we do. Because indeed I know we are many.

We are strong and we are beautiful. We are always fine when someone asks us how we are doing. We are always happy to help. All we want is to bring our light to the world and make it a better place.

But right now we are struggling.

It just seems as if we have nothing left to give. Many of us are diagnosed with adrenal burnout, or chronic fatigue or other autoimmune or nervous system related diseases. Most all of us haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years.

Our bodies seem so weak and with that we have nothing left to give.

It seems as though the cause of all our anguish is our children, our living situations, our husbands, our finances, basically everything outside of us is wrong.

We are longing for our tribe, yet we don’t have anything left to go out and find it.

A few nights ago as I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself, I realized that I was basically hearing this great disharmony. A disharmony in my soul. It literally was a sound. It also became so crystal clear to me that the dissonance in my soul had nothing to do with all those external things.

As I listened closer I could hear how the dissonance came from me not being in alignment. From me not being who I truly am.

I know that, yes right now we are all tired. That yes right now we are all on hormonal roller coasters, and yes right now we have the best excuse to just give up and go, believe me I went there and it would have been darn easy to just check out. But just because it’s so easy right now to give up and check out, does not give us permission to give up and turn off our light.

Jesus was tired many, many times and I am sure his body was exhausted too.

But he did not blame his loved ones and his life for his miseries.

We might say, well that was Jesus. I am not him.

Here is the deal. We all are being asked to be Jesus in a sense right now.

We all are being asked to step into being in unconditional love with ourselves and others.

The difference between Jesus and us is that he came this world knowing that his being was unconditional love and he surrendered to this knowing completely.

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This surrender was his life’s work. It wasn’t easy. He was human just like you and me.

If you are still reading this you know that you just like Jesus were born with a remembreance of your unconditional loving being. Our remembrance might not be as strong as the remembrance in Jesus was, but it is there. You know that you want to let your light shine and you are struggling because it seems so far out of reach.

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