How To Recover Financially From Divorce


How To Recover Financially From Divorce
Money is nothing to be scared of.

Research shows that in reality, women are better than men in financial terms especially when it comes to investing. It's because we don't have a problem following the rules. And we don't mind asking questions if we don't know.

They've proven that women's investment groups generally do better than men because they're willing to follow the rules. It's like "Okay, here's the rule, great! Follow them, perfect."


It's at the society level, on the grander level, that men are in the high power positions, so they're way better at money. I think it's a societal conditioning that we see it. Especially if you're growing up as a little girl and you see that your dad is the provider, protector, brings the money and mom distributes. That's what I experienced. It's like my dad was the primary bread winner in the family.

So that's what I saw: my dad made the money, my mum made a little bit of money, but she was the one that balanced the check book. She was the one that followed the rules, the one that did the grocery shopping and took care of this and took care of that and could follow the budget.

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