Divorced? How To Manage Your Household With One Income


Divorced? How To Manage Your Household With One Income [EXPERT]
Learn how to manage your house, your bills and your kids ... on just one income.

Now some of you might say this can't be done but I assure you, with practice, patience and support, it can. Just don't go to the store! Don't be too hard on yourself if you fall back into bad habits. Realize what you've done and keep trying. I know you can do it! If you truly want to be financially successful, you need to work on this step.

We went out for dinner only once a month. We had birthday parties at home. We had a sandbox in the backyard and we went to the park to play. I kept my car for 14 years. I still have my refrigerator and oven after 26 years. Yes, new appliances would be nice but, these still work. I even buy second-hand or used when I can.


My daughter is even better than I am at this ... she uses shower curtains for drapes, she shops at second-hand clothing stores, she buys sample sizes of paint to paint a wall or furniture, etc. And when it comes right down to it, I would rather spend my money on experiences than things. There are so many ways to spend less and still enjoy life and each other! The Power Of Intentions: Thriving Through Divorce

I recently read a book called "The Millionaire Women Next Door." All the women in the book are millionaires and while they all have different backgrounds and upbringings, they all became wealthy. They are not celebrity millionaires, they are ordinary women, even housewives, that have two things in common: they work hard and smart and they are frugal. And those that are the most frugal are also the biggest givers. They all got where they are by budgeting first, then they got wealthy.

So now, I own my house, I am on early retirement at age 55, I started a successful business, I travel and I help others to achieve financial success, as well.

And to help you achieve financial success and by first discovering how to do a budget, I invite you to claim your Free 4 Day Email Mini-Course at: http://www.LifeContinuesAfterDivorce.com Because we all deserve to be financially free. From Carol Ferguson  Your Friendly Budget Gal and LifeContinuesAfterDivorce.com

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