Quiz: Are You A Match Made In Heaven?


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What's your planetary personality and how does it affect your love life? Take this quiz to find out!

Mostly A's: You're a sensitive moon person; a deep feeler who follows your heart over your head. Once you experience an emotional connection with someone, you have a tough time seeing them for who they are and getting your (significant) needs met. Once attached, it can be very hard to let go. Be sure friends and family members help guide you through your love life. Have relationships with only those who cherish you. They will be blessed by your generosity, sweetness, and compassion.

Mostly B's: You're a dynamic, athletic, sensation-seeking Mars person, a competitive soul who loves a challenge and needs a partner who can keep up. You're highly physical and have been known to leap without looking, especially when it comes to sex (which you can't live long without). Watch getting in and out of relationships too quickly. You require a lover who won't "fence you in" and will celebrate your successes. Anyone involved with you will never be bored (but will need lots of naps.)

Mostly C's: You're a romantic, fun-loving, well-groomed Venus person, the most charming creature in any room. You long for a lover to help you throw amazing parties, step out with you in designer outfits and visit luxurious resorts. You can be fooled by a pretty face and have to be careful of dates never getting beyond the superficial. You're beloved by endless friends and have inspired the romantic attention of everyone you've met since kindergarten. Once you find your dream lover, they will enjoy life by your side, with you dancing on the tables and making everything fun.

Mostly D's: You're a practical, serious, efficient Saturn person. Cautious and hard to please, you take the longest to fall in love. You have to be careful of denying your own emotional needs. Likely a romantic late-bloomer, you're happiest settling down only once you've achieved your educational and professional goals. You need a dependable, responsible partner or you'll never respect them. You can seem cool and aloof, but bring the best of real romance: dedication, commitment and support a lover can count on for life.

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