Quiz: Are You A Match Made In Heaven?


planetary personality
What's your planetary personality and how does it affect your love life? Take this quiz to find out!

6. Your way out of a relationship is to:
a. Write them a goodbye letter. (It's too painful to break up in person. I just hate confrontations!)
b. Send them a text on my way out of town — why drag it out?
c. Make sure I meet someone else first.
d. Tell them all the ways they need to improve before you can be in a relationship together.

7. How could an ex-lover get you back?
a. If they really needed me.
b. If they started dating someone who was better looking and more successful than I am.
c. If they showed up with some serious bling and a romantic poem.
d. I never go back. When I'm done, I'm done.

8. How do you know when you're in love?
a. I can't stop weeping. 
b. A person can hold my attention for more than five minutes.
c. I'd (almost) rather see them than go to a killer party.
d. I find myself strangely … um … what's the word? Oh yeah, emotional.      

9. Your favorite way to get "up close and personal" is:
a. Snuggling by a roaring fire, giving each other long massages …
b. Fooling around for hours.
c. Luring them to my boudoir — complete with perfumed candles, high thread-count sheets and me wearing something skimpy and expensive …
d. That's private. What kind of a quiz is this?

10. To you, the purpose of romantic relationships is:
a. To bring meaning to my life.
b. To have a companion in all of my adventures.
c. To have fun — isn't that what everything is for?
d. To help me accomplish all I can.

11. Your favorite famous couple is:
a. Bill and Melinda Gates: they're doing so much for those who need it most.
b. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn: they're such dynamos.
c. Brad and Angie: the most stunning couple ever.
d. Famous couples are silly. They all break up anyway. I don't care.

Count your answers and see which personality you are! Keep reading ...

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