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Venus Brings Va-Va-Voom Into Your Love Life

Venus Brings Va-Va-Voom Into Your Love Life

By: Carol Allen

If you have been hoping to have a better love life this year than you've had, take heart. Something big and great is happening in the stars, and it’s happening for the rest of the year. Venus, the planet considered the best in all of astrology, has moved into one of its favorite signs – Libra – where Venus is very happy. This is according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign. (Vedic astrology is the system of ancient India that has been used for ages to determine true compatibility and arrange marriages.) Now, when a planet is in a sign that makes it "happy" – or to be more astrologically correct, where it has "good dignity" – it helps to usher forth the best of what that planet is about for all of us. What does this mean for you? Well, Venus is the planet of pleasure, love, romance, fun, socializing, beauty, sex, sensuality, food, music, art, jewelry, clothing, gardening, creativity, money and luxuries of all kinds, and more. In other words, it's the planet of all the stuff most of us want – all the "goodies" that make life worth living. The fact that it’s in a favorite sign means the planet will get extra “oomph” and will shower down some good mojo. Venus moves into the sign of Libra pretty much every year, where it stays for three weeks. But this year, Venus will park itself in this luxurious, happy, beautiful sign for the rest of this year, and won't move into the next sign until New Year's Day. This is due to the fact that it will be going forward – what's called "direct" in astrology – until October 8th, only to then go "retrograde" from that day until November 18th, when it will then go "direct" again. THE TWO BEST PLANETS FOR LOVE ARE SUPER-SIZED.  What makes this an even bigger deal is that the other best "good guy" planet – Jupiter – also happens to be in one of its best signs – the sign of Pisces. This is again according to the calculations of Vedic astrology. Jupiter has been in Pisces since May of this year, and it stays there until May of next year other than a couple of weeks in November when it moves back into Aquarius, only to return to Pisces again. Jupiter is in Pisces only once every twelve years, and it's such a big deal that my first astrology teacher planned the birth of his first child around it so he'd have spiritual strength and wisdom. Jupiter rules marriage, husbands, faith, philosophy, healing, abundance of all kinds, and spiritual expansion. For the two "great benefits" in all of astrology to both be so strong and well situated is a rare and special event. So rare, in fact, that it hasn't happened since 1974, but it wasn't nearly as big of a deal then as it was only for that measly three weeks. So what does this mean? Did you notice what I said about Venus and what it indicates astrologically? That it's the planet of love, sex, and romance? In a man's chart it rules his wife... And did you see what I said about Jupiter? That it's the planet of marriage and husbands? So, gee, what could it possibly mean when the two planets that rule pretty much everything having to do with relationships are both so strong and so powerful? It means that if you haven't been getting any good lovin' in 2010, now's the time. And no matter your relationship status – whether you're single and dateless or married and miserable – Venus and Jupiter can help. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! 1. Venus will be retrograde from October 7th until November 18th. 2. Jupiter is already retrograde (and has been since July 24th) and stays that way until the very same date – November 18th. When planets are retrograde, they become stronger for developing the skills and insights of what that planet's about – doing the work on the inside to get the lessons to change our lives for the better on the outside. So a retrograde Venus and a retrograde Jupiter – both in high dignity by being in such powerful signs – is absolutely the ideal time for a woman to learn how to make her dreams of love come true. Think of it like you've now got not one, but two fairy godmothers helping you find your prince and magically transform your life from dreary to dazzling! ...Or make that guy you once thought was your prince feel like he's royal once again – and not just a royal pain! So if you're single, it's now time to mingle. And if you're already part of a couple, it's now time to ramp up your connection. HOW TO USE THIS TIME TO INCREASE YOUR MOJO. Since Venus rules relationships, and Libra is the sign of partnership, you can make big improvements in your love life these next four months – no matter what your relationship status. And since Jupiter is the most spiritual of all the planets – bringing higher wisdom, faith, and answers from "on high" – and Venus is all about romance and pleasure, this magical combination is best for learning about spiritual love. Spiritual love is that kind of connection where you and a man “just know” you’re right for each other – the kind of love that makes him feel you’re “it” in his that he never wants to let you go. In my free love and astrology newsletter, I share the unique insights of Vedic astrology along with real-world relationship advice to help you discover your romantic destiny and make the most of it. I’ll teach you how to recognize spiritual love and how to give a man that “meant to be” feeling. You’ll learn what the stars say about you and the men in your life so that you can understand your relationships – and on a much more profound level than what you can see by just looking at the 12 signs of the zodiac. Plus, I’ll give you my best advice for how to get along with any man of any sign, because unless you know how to make a relationship work, it won’t matter how compatible the stars say you are. Isn’t it time you claimed the love you were born to have? Sign up for my free love and astrology newsletter.


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