TODAY Is The "Grand Cross" - What It Means...


TODAY Is The "Grand Cross" - What It Means...

Today is a big deal in Western astrology – there is a perfect “Grand Cross” in the heavens, made up of the planets Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.

   It’s been getting tons of attention online, and in astrology forums and sites.


   Here’s the dealio…

   It’s called a “Grand Cross” because these planets are all forming a perfect square in relation to each other.

   Jupiter is at twenty degrees of Gemini, exactly across from Pluto at 20 degrees of Sagittarius… and Mars is at 20 degrees of Virgo, exactly across from Uranus at twenty degrees of Pisces.

   (These positions are according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign. So in Western astrology, all of these planets are actually in the sign BEFORE the ones I just stated.)

   A “Grand Cross” sounds like it would be a good thing – being “grand” and all…

    But apparently it’s not.

   You see, when planets are OPPOSITE one another, or at 90 degree angles to each other, they tend to block each other’s vibes, man…

   Each planet tends to frustrate the things the others are trying to express…

   So when a handful of them do this at once, it’s supposed to be an extremely TENSE time… (And isn’t just this one day, it’s been building for the last week or so and will be felt through early May.)

   This particular combo is supposed to create a big push/pull between the traditions of the past, and the dramatic innovation of the present and future… making it hard to focus, causing a lot of spaciness and ditziness all around.

   (So just tell your boss that when you’re late or forget a super important detail at work… or your guy that when you “forget” to cook him a pot roast… Haha.)

   We are all supposed to be reevaluating where we are and where we want to be… and asking ourselves “What’s it all about, Alphie?”

   (If you got that reference, then we need to go play canasta some time!)

   Since Vedic astrology doesn’t traditionally use the planets Pluto and Uranus, I know next to nothing about them, and I have no experience watching them do the cha-cha together in this way to give you my take on what to expect right now… 

     What I do see in the planets involved in this brouhaha and their relationship to each other that I’ve observed before, is that Mars and Jupiter are exactly squaring one another, and that can make you SPEND a bunch of money, or MAKE a bunch of money…

   So I’m gonna go blow a gift card I got for Christmas... A little retail therapy should relieve some of this crazy energy!

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